Current traffic concepts in Munich and sustainable ideas

Currently a cycle superhighway is being built between Munich and Unterschleißheim and Munich and Garching, according to the „Planungsverband Äußerer Wirtschaftsraum” Munich ( ). If everything works out,the stretch should be ready until 2021.

Another project is a local bicycle traffic-concept that is being designed by the administrative district commissaries , by the administrative district commissaries of Munich and the „Planungsverband Äußerer Wirtschaftsraum München” .

Furthermore, a second federal route is planned at the „Marienhof”. The route should be utilisable by 2026.

According to , Munich wanted to realise the aim of the „ Grundsatzbeschluss zur Förderung des Radverkehrs”, which was published in 2009, to make biking even more attractive. These principles were renewed in 2018 and to the already included aims ( e. g. more safety in traffic, increase of the amount of bicycle traffic and innovations with traffic attempts), there came some new ones that should be realised by 2025. Some of these are : cycle superhighways, visible reduction of the number of accidents and 100 bicycle boulevards until 2025.

Until today there are 61 bicycle boulevards, a 1200 kilometre long bicycle traffic system and more than 28000 pounds for bicycles in Munich.

Altogether there are visible efforts for sustainable concept idea sin Munich.


(Vanda Kardos)