Going to school in China

Primary school:

  • 6 years from the age of 6
  • Chinese, mathematics, PE, natural sciences, music and art; English from 3rd grade
  • Obligatory

Secondary school:

  • general education, vocatioal training or technical secondary schools
  • 6 years in total
  • 3 years lower school, obligatory
  • 3 years advanced
  • From the 11th grade devided into a natural sciences and a humanities branch
  • After the 12th grade: Graduation (Gao Kao/高考)
  • Chinese, mathematics, a compulsory foreign language (mostly English), phisics, chemistry, biologie, technology, computer science, PE, art, music, ethics, economics, history and geographie


  • Limited number of graduates
  • Division by scores


  • school uniform
  • high discipline
  • Competition amongst students

differences in Germany:

  • just 4 years at primary school
  • Division into 3 branches by scores from 5th grade
  • no school uniform
  • less competition


(Zeno Braun)